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If a human is going to leave the earth, which planet is the most likely to move first?

Sustained population growth, resource shortages, environmental pollution, and changes in the natural environment are all reasons why human beings must partially leave the Earth. A planet is clearly insufficient to support the rapid progress of human civilization, so scientists have long sought to find a livable planet. Although human beings can only look at the earth, it is always a good thing to plan ahead. After all, the development of science is not accomplished overnight, but it is accumulated one by one.

If human beings want to leave the earth partially, or leave the earth in their entirety, which planet is most likely to move into?

Since it is very likely that a spacecraft with interplanetary capability will not be developed in the short term, the first planet to move in is probably the planet inside the solar system. Within the solar system, there are a total of four rocky planets, in addition to some larger satellites, such as Europa, III, and IV; and Titan, six, which are as good as the Earth. Satellite – the moon.

Since there are so many planets with solid surfaces in the solar system, don’t you believe that none of them can be modified slightly to be suitable for human habitation?

The first thing people think of is Mars. Mars is only 1/7 of the Earth, and its mass is only 1/9 of the Earth. There are only a thin atmosphere on Mars, 2/5 of the Earth’s gravity, a very small amount of oxygen, and a liquid without surface flow. Water, from which point of view, Mars is not suitable for human habitation.

Is it easy to transform Mars?

We often see some ideal concepts for talking about transforming the planet. In fact, scientists have not really begun to study planetary engineering until now. The human, material and financial resources needed to transform the ecological environment of a planet are not dare to imagine. And there must be plenty of time, not a task that can be completed in a few hundred years.

It is blunt to say that the most advanced in the field of transforming the planetary environment is still the concept, conceptual theory and science fiction. But it is undeniable that Mars still has great possibilities for livability. The latest research has found that if all the ice caps of Mars can be melted, the liquid water obtained can cover the surface of the Mars at a depth of 1.5 meters, and the rest is to transform the atmosphere. The magnetic field is added to Mars, but these are very difficult, and some of the ideas are just conceived.

Airboat Yuncheng

The surface of Venus is obviously not suitable for transformation, but some scientists believe that space cities can be built in the atmosphere of Venus. At the height of 50-60 km on the surface of Venus, the temperature and pressure are very close to the lower atmosphere of the Earth. Scientists can construct a cloud of airships. The city floats in the upper atmosphere of Venus.

There are a large number of satellites, such as wood and earth stars. There are also several satellites with a diameter of more than 3,000-4,000 kilometers. In the future, humans may be able to establish bases or close cities.

Nowadays, these are just in the imagination, but it is certain that if humans leave Earth, the planet that is most likely to move first must be a certain planet inside the solar system, such as Mars.

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